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Term 3 Selection sample guide 6th 5 in 1

Zeal study shares you the tips and study materials for the new syllabus here we share you the sample guide for term 3 prepared and shared by Selection guide Madurai, Here we also share you the tips about notes making hope it si useful.
There are 4 types of learning styles – Visual, Auditory, Read/Write and Kinaesthetic.
1) Understand Your Learning Style!
There are 4 types of learning styles – Visual, Auditory, Read/Write and Kinaesthetic
(i). Visual Learning
Understanding things with the help of visual presentation of information like -pictures, diagrams, tables, graphs, maps and charts.
Using Different Colored Pens and Underlining Methods to highlight any sentence/topic.
Use Symbols or Initials to write specific words.
Proper Division of Content into Headings, Sub-headings, Bullets and Horizontal Lines.
The Visual Learners gain better with the pictures and any visual presentation and at the time of recalling they create a picture in their minds and thus revise everything.
(ii). Auditory Learning
Learning through listening [Attend Lectures and Group Studies]
Listening Audible Notes [Record Lectures, Group Discussions or Self Prepare Self Audio Notes
Learning through Read out loud Method
(iii). Read/Write Learning
Learning through reading and re-reading
Writing and Re-writing notes
(iv). Kinaesthetic Learning
Learning through Physical Activity
Practicing with Real Life Example like Workshops or Practical Labs
Learning through Senses – Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell and Hearing etc.
Figure out which type of learning style works best for you! Note: You can create your notes by using either paper notebooks or PC/laptops’ wordbooks or any online tools
To experience the Online Note making techniques, Students, hereby, can –
And Much More.
6th 5in1 guide
2) Don’t Record Everything You Read! Be Specific!
You don’t need to create notes for the entire syllabus.
Wisely filter out the topics for which you need to strengthen your preparations.
Then, choose a right method to create notes as per your learning style.
Don’t write down everything! Instead, cover only the required information and call to actions that can help you in recalling things quickly.
3) Organize Notes in a Proper Structure!
To avoid the confusion while learning from your notes, its’ better to keep them neat and clean.
Avoid the mess while writing them
Create Unit Wise Notes
Use Heading and Sub-Heading for better structure
Divide Sentences into Small Paragraphs
Use Bullet Points for Quick Reading and Learning
Underline the Important Points.
Write down Summary after completion of each Unit
Use Horizontal Lines to divide the sections.
4) Use Highlighters or Different Coloured Pens!
While creating notes, don’t forget to use different coloured pens or highlighters to keep the important topics standing out.
Mark the Important Words or Sentences with Highlighters
Or Write them with different coloured pens
Write Down Important Notes in a separate box.
5) Divide Content in Tables, Diagrams or Graphs!
Visual Learning helps in recalling things faster than any other. Must implement this technique in your notes creating styles!
Create Tables to keep the data short and precise
Draw Diagrams and attach pictures as they will make you remember the whole story for long.
Use Graphs and Charts for Stats Representation. This is the finest manner to feed the difficult stats in memory.
Mind Maps, Cluster Maps and PowerPoint Presentations are good for flash-carding and memory-retrieving. 
6) Use Technology for Notes Creation!
Researchers have found that technology helps students a lot in learning and understanding concepts during their exam preparations.
Record Audio Notes by using Tape Recorder, Mobile Phones or any other device and listen to them at the time of revision. [Concentrate on the words and try to memorize.
Shoot Lectures or Create Group Studies Videos and watch them later to learn the topics and polish up your skills.

7) Keep Your Notes Upgraded!
Upgrade your notes daily. Read something informative regarding your concerned syllabus topics and update it in your notes.
Compare your notes with others and try to improve yourself.
Stay updated with latest technologies to bring innovation to your notes.
Important Tips: Don’t take your notes lightly. Handle your notes with carefully!
Prefer Notebooks if you are creating paper notes. Don’t use loose papers.
Keep your hand-writing good while creating the practice notes.
Draw a content box on the first page of the notebook so that you can easily access the desired topic.
Did the article help you in creating effective study notes? Do you want to share more interesting note making techniques?
Zeal study Team welcomes you with great pleasure! Please drop your reviews and suggestions in the comment box below.


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