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Term - 3 Unit test question paper for 6 th science unit - 2 Tamil medium Prepared by D.Arokiyaraj Rathinam ,Trichy .

 Zeal study shares you  a unit test question paper for 6 th Science Tamil medium all nits  which is very useful to you So use it and share with your friends too.We convey our special thanks to Mr.D.Arokiyaraj Rathinam, St. Mary's High school, Trichy.  for his dedicated work for us.

Those marginal minutes at the beginning and end of class can provide some great opportunities to find out what kids remember. Start the class off with a quick question about the previous day’s work while students are getting settled—you can ask differentiated questions written out on chart paper or projected on the board, 
Topic- Term - 3 Unit test question paper for 6 th science unit - 2  Tamil medium 
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A quick way to see the big picture if you use paper exit tickets is to sort the papers into three piles: Students got the point; they sort of got it; and they didn’t get it. The size of the stacks is your clue about what to do next.
No matter the tool, the key to keeping students engaged in the process of just-walked-in or almost-out-the-door formative assessment is the questions. Ask students to write for one minute on the most meaningful thing they learned. You can try prompts like:If you want to find out whether your students really know as much as you think they know, polls and quizzes created with Socratic or Quiz let or in-class games and tools like Equalize, Cahoot, Flip Quiz, Gimmick, Slickers, and Flip pity can help you get a better sense of how much they really understand. (Grading quizzes but assigning low point values is a great way to make sure students really try all these. 


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