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Term - 3 Unit test question paper for 6 th science unit - 3 Tamil medium Prepared by D.Arokiyaraj Rathinam ,Trichy .

 Zeal study shares you  a unit test question paper for 6 th Science Tamil medium all nits  which is very useful to you So use it and share with your friends too.We convey our special thanks to Mr.D.Arokiyaraj Rathinam, St. Mary's High school, Trichy.  for his dedicated work for us
You can design the questions yourself, you determine the level of complexity. Ask questions at the bottom of Bloom’s taxonomy and you’ll get insight into what facts, vocabulary terms, or processes kids remember. 

Topic- Term - 3 Unit test question paper for 6 th science unit - 3  Tamil medium 
File Type- PDF
Dipsticks: So-called alternative formative assessments are meant to be as easy and quick as checking the oil in your car, so they’re sometimes referred to as dipsticks. These can be things like asking students to:

Your own observations of students at work in class can provide valuable data as well, but they can be tricky to keep track of. Taking quick notes on a tablet or smartphone, or using a copy of your roster, is one approach. A focused observation form is more formal and can help you narrow your note-taking focus as you watch students work.


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