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Term - 3 Unit test question paper for 6 th science unit -4 Tamil medium Prepared by D.Arokiyaraj Rathinam ,Trichy .

 Zeal study shares you  a unit test question paper for 6 th Science Tamil medium all nits  which is very useful to you So use it and share with your friends too.We convey our special thanks to Mr.D.Arokiyaraj Rathinam, St. Mary's High school, Trichy.  for his dedicated work for us.

If you want to dig a little deeper into students’ understanding of content, try discussion-based assessment methods. Casual chats with students in the classroom can help them feel at ease even as you get a sense of what they know, and you may find that five-minute interview assessments work really well. Five minutes per student would take quite a bit of time, but you don’t have to talk to every student about every project or lesson.
Topic- Term - 3 Unit test question paper for 6 th science unit - 4  Tamil medium 
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You can also shift some of this work to students using a peer-feedback process called TAG feedback (Tell your peer something they did well, Ask a thoughtful question, Give a positive suggestion). When you have students share the feedback they have for a peer, you gain insight into both students’ learning.

Methods that incorporate art: Consider using visual art or photography or videography as an assessment tool. Whether students draw, create a collage, or sculpt, you may find that the assessment helps them synthesize their learning. Or think beyond the visual and have kids act out their understanding of the content. They can create a dance to model cell mitosis or act out stories like Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” to explore the subtext.


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