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term 3 learning outcome record for 6th standard social science -em

Zeal study shares you learning outcomes for upper primary also 6-8..Learning outcomes are not standalone statements. They must all relate to each other and to the title of the unit and avoid repetition. Articulating learning outcomes

for students is part of good teaching. If you tell students what you expect them to do, and give them practice in doing it, then there is a good chance that they will be able to do it on a test or major assignment. That is to say, they will have learned what you wanted them to know. If you do not tell them what they will be expected to do, then they are left guessing what you want. If they guess wrong, they will resent you for being tricky, obscure or punishing.
Decide our emphasis in the course: Of all the things we could teach, what should we teach?
Decide how best to teach: Teaching students to analyze requires different teaching approaches from teaching students to memorize.

Communicate expectations to students: What are our decisions on the matters above?
Creating a connection between teaching and learning, between professors and students.Taking much of the guessing out of the student's attempt to learn.Enabling them to truly master the content of the course
Specific: The learning outcome should be well defined and clear. It states exactly what will be accomplished.
Measurable: The learning outcome should provide a benchmark or target so that the institution can determine when the target has been reached, by how much it has been exceeded or by how much it has fallen short.
Agreed Upon: Important stakeholders must be in general agreement with the institution’s mission, goals and learning outcomes. Stakeholders may include university, school administration, faculty, students, alumni and/or community members.
Realistic: Learning outcomes should be reasonable given the available resources. Learning outcomes should neither be easy nor impossible to attain, but somewhere in between.

Time-Framed: A learning outcome should include a specific date by which it will be completed. It is important to allow enough time to successfully implement the steps needed to achieve the objective, but not so much as to elicit procrastination.
Learning outcomes describe the measurable skills, abilities, knowledge or values that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of a completing a course. They are student-centered rather than teacher-centered, in that they describe what the students will do, not what the instructor will teach.


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