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Term - 3 Unit test question paper for 6 th science unit - 6 Tamil medium Prepared by D.Arokiyaraj Rathinam ,Trichy .

 Zeal study shares you  a unit test question paper for 6 th Science Tamil medium all nits  which is very useful to you So use it and share with your friends too.We convey our special thanks to Mr.D.Arokiyaraj Rathinam, St. Mary's High school, Trichy.  for his dedicated work for us.

Similar strategies involve using participation cards for discussions (each student has three cards—“I agree,” “I disagree,” and “I don’t know how to respond”) and thumbs-up responses (instead of raising a hand, students hold a fist at their belly and put their thumb up when they’re ready to contribute).
Topic- Term - 3  -Unit test question paper for 6 th science unit - 6
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 Students can instead use six hand gestures to silently signal that they agree, disagree, have something to add, and more. All of these strategies give teachers an unobtrusive way to see what students are thinking.

No matter which tools you select, make time to do your own reflection to ensure that you’re only assessing the content and not getting lost in the assessment fog. If a tool is too complicated, is not reliable or accessible, or takes up a disproportionate amount of time, it’s OK to put it aside and try something different


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