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term-3 unit test question paper for 7th standard science unit-3 em

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Teachers use it in their classrooms to provide critical feedback to students. It helps them to monitor and modify their instruction methods and lesson plans to improve learning outcomes. That’s why we must use a variety of assessment activities and change them up frequently to stimulate both students and themselves.
Here’s a list of awesome formative assessment activities that we like. They’re creative, low-tech, fun and engaging for students. Best of all, they’re easy for a teacher to implement on an ongoing basis anytime.Formative assessment is an assessment that’s both for learning and as learning.Most of us know that we should be using formative, or informal, assessments throughout our lessons. Formative assessments give students a chance to show what they know before high-stakes summative test and tasks. They allow teachers to adjust their instruction or differentiate for certain students who might be struggling.

However, with limited teaching time and a long list of standards to address, we can often find ourselves skipping over or rushing through opportunities to check in with our students’ understanding.
It is good practice to build formative assessment routines into your daily teaching routines. You’ll want to be armed with a variety of formative assessment strategies that are quick, engaging, and simple to implement in your classroom without losing significant teaching time.Gather data at two levels using this strategy. After students complete a hard-copy exit ticket, have them drop off their responses in one of four trays or folders marked “Got It," "Almost There," "Not Quite," and "Not at All.”
I particularly like this strategy because the instructor can not only gauge whether students were able to master the concept or skill, but they can also gauge whether the students felt confident in their abilities.
An extension on this type of exit ticket might be pulling all the students who sorted themselves in “Not Quite” and “Not at All” into a small group for review the next day.Have students independently write three quiz questions that they feel successfully address the concept or skill from the day’s lesson. You might require students write one multiple choice, one fill-in-the-blank, and one short answer question.
If your students’ questions don’t sound similar to the questions you would have written, then you know re-teaching is needed.Put up an incorrect answer, explanation or example of the concept or skill on the board. Have students either write down or discuss with a partner whether the answer is correct and then how it could be revised to make it so. Make sure to mark down which students are able or not able to revise the answer correctly.Formative assessments are a key piece of a strong teaching practice. Every teacher needs a range of formative assessment strategies to help determine how to shape instruction.

However, formative assessments are meaningless without the teacher choices that follow them. Make sure to record your data and use it to make a plan. Perhaps you need to re-teach a concept in a new way. Maybe a few students need small group instruction to reinforce the concept. It’s up to you to determine the best next steps!


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