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9th English Book Back Question Answer Little Sarah

 Due to the Govt-19 epidemic, schools have been closed for a long time and there is a gap in the teaching-learning process.

The government has aired educational content videos on Education TV and other private channels and provided powerful textbooks and notebooks for all children. To achieve the unattainable, audio lessons are broadcast on All India Radio.Although the Tamil Nadu government is making strenuous efforts to mitigate learning loss, there is still a gap. On Education TV, video classes are broadcast in all classes from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m.Children are also advised to facilitate the learning process. In addition, many teachers create educational content for themselves and reach out to children through social media such as WhatsApp and Google Meet.

Topic- 9th English Book Back Question Answer  Little Sarah
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They constantly monitor and ensure their learning. But in some places, it has been found that there are some deficiencies in the teaching-learning process. The Principal Secretary for School Education advised SCERT to ensure consistency in the teaching-learning process among children to achieve learning outcomes.Therefore, the task of developing monthly tasks for all classes has been entrusted to SCERT. These assignments will be sent to all schools so that students can perform tasks with the support of their teachers.Students can do assignments in notebooks that refer to textbooks and submit them to teachers.Teachers should not force children to do all work at once. The teacher should distribute tasks on a weekly basis


  1. Mirthika coaching centre.. ug Trb English... tv malai dt. Chengam.. materials will be sent by courier.. contact 7010520979


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